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A Q&A with Danny Iny, creator of Course Builder’s Laboratory

If you’re on the fence about whether to register for Danny Iny’s Course Builder’s Laboratory—a triple-tested system that will make big money from your new ebook, service or online course—reserve about a half hour to listen to a Q&A interview I did with him yesterday. 

The cart closes at midnight tonight on this course. I’m buying into it because I have a few ideas on things I want to teach this year, but my product launches haven’t been nearly as successful as Danny’s have been. Yours probably haven’t been either. 

If you register here, you’ll be learning right along with me. Even though I uploaded this interview to YouTube, it’s audio only. So don’t click on the arrow expecting to see Danny talking. Just listen.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

Full Disclosure: I am Danny’s affiliate and I earn a commission if you buy. I stand behind him 100 percent. As I said, I trust him enough that I’m buying into this course. I hope you do, too.



The task that makes authors feel dishonest, deceitful and downright dirty

A woman asking "You want me to do WHAT with my new book?"Why can authors muster so much passion for topics they want to write about, but gag when they discover that they—and they alone—must be the Marketer-in-Chief for their own books?

“I don’t want to create an email list of readers because I don’t want to be constantly bothering them,” an author told me.

“I don’t want to do public speaking because I don’t like to be around a lot of people,” another one said.

“If I write a good book, it will sell itself,  said a naive writer.

When I was a guest on “The Successful Author Podcast” recently, hosted by Julie Anne Eason, we discussed do-it-yourself publicity for authors, and why so many authors are not only reluctant to market their books, but view the task with disdain.

I’ve heard many say high-pressure sales tactics make them feel sleazy. The problem, I suspect, is that they see so many other authors hawking their books ’round the clock on social media without offering relevant content from the book or topics that tie into it. 

We spent the majority of the program discussing how nonfiction and fiction authors can gain expertise in their topics and promote it instead of pitching their books.

What Makes an Author an Expert

Expertise is not only about what you know, I explained. It’s about what you do.

Author experts do things like teach classes, have coaching programs, publish blogs and newsletters, moderate LinkedIn groups, have copyrights and trademarks, and spin off products from their books. All of those activities tie into book marketing. 

The recording is being transcribed right now by someone I found at Fiverr.com,  the worldwide marketplace I recommended last week as a helpful place to buy and sell services. I’ll slice and dice the entire transcript and feature it here. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the interview. Get ready to take lots of notes.

You can listen to it on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio.  

Or listen t0 the 32 minutes of solid content below.  If you have questions, ask them in the Comments and I’ll answer them.  


Dog Tweets–Google Plus Success Strategies for Business

twitter birdHere are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter.

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Restaurants, chefs, foodies: Tie publicity into these food trends

Chart of What's Hot (and not) in food in 2015 “I’ve opened a restaurant and I need publicity. What do I do?”

“Our adult education department is starting a series of cooking classes. But the local newspaper isn’t interested in writing about them. How can I get the word out?”

“My supermarket will soon offer free delivery. Should I write a press release or do I have to buy an ad?”

In all three cases, generating publicity is a lot easier if you can tie into a food trend.

Food Genius, a Chicago-based firm, has identified 10 food trends, based largely on the convenience, healthy options and local ingredients that consumers are demanding. They include fast-food restaurants that are going mobile, more grocery stores offering dine-in options, and meal-delivery service for busy workers who eat at their desks.

You can see more hot trends in the infrographic from the National Restaurant Association and see their Top 20 Food Trends for 2015, including top trends by category.

Ideas for Piggybacking onto Trends 

Let’s take each of the three examples above and piggyback off one or more food trends. 

Example 1:   

“I’ve opened a restaurant and I need publicity. What do I do?”

Are you using mobile technology?

Have you offered free meals to local food bloggers with the promise of telling them about national and local food trends that have helped you decide what to serve and how to prepare it? Do you have an unusual pricing strategy that will benefit customers?

Have you created a signature dish with an emphasis on healthy ingredients?

If you have an outdoor cafe, can people bring their dogs? At Fred’s Mexican Cafe in San Diego, Doggie Date Night every Monday has been a hit. 

Don’t just think food. Think drinks. An article in New York magazine explains how New Yorkers are crazy for sake, sidecars, pomegranate and flower blossoms.  

Example 2:

“Our adult education department has a series of cooking classes. How do I get the local newspaper interested in writing about them? Any chance I’ll get TV coverage?”   

Are you offering recipes on your Facebook page?

Do you have classes for parents and their kids? If so, that could be a good visual for TV.  

What is your most popular class and why? Does that class tie into a food trend? 

Is there an emphasis on local ingredients? Are you partnering with local organic gardeners or a farmer who provides brown eggs and goat cheese? 

Example 3:

“My supermarket just started offering free delivery. Should I write a press release or do I have to buy an ad?”

What does your market research tell you about the need for free delivery?

Are local companies asking for it? Do you have an aging customer base that needs it?

Do you have an unusual mode of transportation, like bicycles, for small orders? Pitch these ideas and you shouldn’t have to buy an ad.


Brad Phillips, aka Mr. Media Training, says, “Don’t talk about the thing. Talk about what behind it.”

What’s behind your thing? Identify it and pitch it.