Here are several ways we can work together.

Rent My Brain (consulting via phone or Skype)

If you have just a few questions or a bigger problem and you need my advice, consider a phone consultation, or let’s get on Skype. I can prepare you for a media interview, critique your writing and pitches, brainstorm story ideas, or work with you before a book launch.   My rate is $150 for a half hour. You can buy 15-minute increments. Email me at, explain the problem and include relevant links for background. Also, run a few times and dates by me when you’re available. 

If You Need a Publicist…

I’m not a publicist. If you need one, or a PR person who can write press releases, pitch your story to the media, or help you with a book launch, I can lead you in the right direction. I have a large circle of contacts in the marketing and PR industry, and I will refer you to someone whose work I can stand behind.

But I must know your budget for PR, or a range of how much you can afford. Otherwise, if I refer you to someone whose fees are outside your budget. you’ll be wasting your time and theirs. If you cannot afford a publicist and you need to do it yourself, I can recommend one or more of my learning tools that will walk you through the process step-by-step. Or you can take advantage of my telephone consulting. 

Your PR Program

I  create year-long PR plans for organizations and teach staff how to implement them. I also do in-house training on publicity and social media topics such as:

–Training your media spokesperson (on camera) how to put her best foot forward and not in her mouth during media interviews.

–Creating a crisis communications plan for your business.

–Showing your PR department how to best work with local and national media.

–PR Program management (your team does the work).

–Social media training that establishes valuable relationships with your customers and target audiences.

–Helping your team create a blog and contribute to it regularly. 

–Showing you the many ways to use LinkedIn and other media sites to connect with your target audience and with journalists.

Brown-bag Lunch Sessions

Save time and money by letting me train your staff during a brown-bag lunch session, over the phone or via Skype or a Google Hangout. PR agencies and other organizations have hosted me when their staffs needed a quick refresher, brainstorming, or a how-to session on a particular topic.   

My Mentor Program

If you need long-term access to me, consider my mentor program for six months or one year. 

Contact Me

Email or call 262-284-7451 and leave a message, along with your email address. I’m here to help you.