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Issue #805 April 1, 2014
Publisher: Joan Stewart

“Tips, Tricks and Tools for Free Publicity”

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  1. 33 Killer Facebook Tips
  2. Indie Book Reviewers
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This Weekend in the Hound House:

I’m still smiling from the fun visit to my dentist this week. When the hygienist tipped back the chair so she could clean my teeth, guess what was looking down at me from the ceiling? Three posters of incredibly cute puppies! Golden Retriever pups inside terra cotta flower pots. Dalmatian pups lined up in a row next to a fire hydrant. And another group of Golden Retrievers just sitting there looking cute, along with an adorable little kitten.

1. 33 Killer Facebook Tips

If you want quick results on Facebook, it’s almost imperative that you pay to boost your status updates, or buy an ad.

But this week, I found an infographic and an article that list, together, almost three dozen killer Facebook tips, most of which don’t require a credit card. They include:

–Create a caption contest. It generates a flood of comments which in turn creates a flood of viral reach.

–Tag commenters. Normally, pages can’t tag people on Facebook, with one exception. If a Facebook user leaves a comment on an update, you can tag the user when you comment on the same update. Depending on the users’ privacy settings, they’ll receive notification that they’ve been tagged, prompting them to revisit the thread.

–Let people post to your Facebook page.

–Feature your post in a Like box to encourage visitors to Like your page.

You can find all the tips here:

18 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance

13 Ways to Get Boost Your Facebook Posts Exposure [Infographic]

2. Indie Book Reviewers

Are you participating in your LinkedIn groups?

If not, you’re missing a treasure trove of valuable information that can save you time and money, and generate more publicity.

This week, for example, author Elan Carson asked LinkedIn’s Author U group if they have tips to query bloggers for book reviews. When I saw that question, I answered, and immediately used my tips as the lead item in Tuesday’s newsletter. (If you missed it, see “How to Fix a Lousy Pitch”)

Author U Member Mark Rose added his recommendation to check out The Indie View. It’s a page of links to readers who publish reviews of indie books at their blogs and on Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

The Indie View says it ranks with the top 10 of book review sites on Google, globally. It only lists reviewers who do not ask for money in exchange for a review.

See “Where to Find Millions of Readers Online to Review, Recommend and Buy Your Books”.

3. New Posts at My Blog

Is Public Relations obsolete?

11 things authors must know about book publicity to create a best-seller

11 gems I learned on the Publishing at Sea cruise to get a book published

4. Hound Video of the Week

During tomorrow’s Super Bowl, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial will melt your heart. Watch as the iconic Clydesdale horses befriend a feisty pup. At the end, click to watch behind-the-scenes footage.

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