Why publishing content on LinkedIn can be confusing if you blog

  When LinkedIn rolled out its publishing platform a year ago this week, giving you the ability to publish helpful content to your profile, bloggers rejoiced. Finally, they could take all those posts and republish them on LinkedIn. Not so fast.  Google doesn't like duplicate content, and republishing all your content to LinkedIn is as bad … [Read more...]

6 easy ways to find book reviewers, editors on LinkedIn

One of the biggest changes in the world of promotion is the ease with which you can contact journalists, bloggers or writers on social media sites and see a quick response. Many of these same people would let an email pitch languish in their Inboxes forever, unanswered. That's why LinkedIn is a fast, easy place to look for book reviewers. Instead … [Read more...]

Find hard-to-locate features on Linkedin with this guide

One of LinkedIn's frustrations is, like Facebook, it's often rearranging the furniture. I was hoping to use Signal, the handy feature that lets you search, by keyword, for people who are discussing a certain topic within their status updates. I hadn't used Signal in awhile and couldn't find it anywhere. I Googled "LinkedIn Help" and found this … [Read more...]

Dog Tweets–How to turn off LinkedIn endorsements

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter. How to turn off LinkedIn endorsements.   Skill endorsements are a great way to help build your professional brand. But not all people agree that the feature is useful. Some say it can be a false representation of your skills, since … [Read more...]

How to add opt-in boxes to your LinkedIn profile, page

I've been using opt-in boxes at my website and blog for years to collect email addresses for my twice-a-week ezine, The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week. But I never considered using them on LinkedIn until Wayne Breitbarth suggested it. He explained how to do it when he was a guest on the webinar I hosted a few weeks ago on How to Use LinkedIn … [Read more...]

Strengthen your LinkedIn profile with benefits, value

One of my goals this year is to include in every piece of marketing copy I write, at least one value statement or benefit of using my products and services. I'm starting with my LinkedIn profile. When I rewrote it a few months ago, something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then, last week, while doing keyword research, I started … [Read more...]

9 killer calls-to-action to use today on LinkedIn

Never assume that people know what you want them to do. You have to TELL them. Every time you write a status update on LinkedIn, or send an InMail, or answer a question in Groups, consider a call-to-action. You might think that sounds "too promotional" on the world's Number 1 business networking site. But not if you concentrate on actions that help … [Read more...]

LinkedIn InMail, not an agent, lands author a book deal

  Nataly Kelly spent years pitching publishers with an idea for a book on how language changes our lives and affects the world. No bites. She hired an agent who pitched it to the big New York publishers. Not even a nibble. Months later, after she severed ties with the agent, she got the bright idea to send a short pitch to the book editors in … [Read more...]

Use window-dressing power tools on your LinkedIn profile

  When LinkedIn removed several apps recently that users loved, like Events and Answers, it added new tools and tweaks that now give you the ability to strengthen your profile and wow visitors on the world's #1 business networking site. Picture a spiffy front window in a department store with well-dressed mannequins, colorful props and an … [Read more...]

LinkedIn phishing scheme is back—don’t respond

If you see a message in your email from "LinkedIn Email Confirmation" and with the subject line "Please confirm your email address," it could very well be a fraud. That old LinkedIn phishing scheme is back again. I got three identical emails within 90 minutes this morning. Notice the "From" line in the header below. The other two emails were sent … [Read more...]