The Best of The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week of 2014: Yours to regift


Here's a gift that's perfect for small business owners, a nonprofit that needs publicity, authors who want to sell more books, or anyone who wants to self-promote on a shoestring budget and without an expensive publicist. It's "The Best of The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week of 2014," an ebook that includes 26 tips from my popular email … [Read more...]

The Best of The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week of 2013: Yours to regift

Ebook--Best of 2013 cover

If you want to ramp up your PR campaign, generate more publicity and really build the buzz on social media, here's the gift that keeps on giving.  It's "The Best of the Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week of 2013," a compilation of 34 of the very best tips from my popular ezine. The ebook has become an annual tradition, and I encourage you to … [Read more...]

Dog Tweets of the Week–8 Reasons to Hire a Journalist in your Marketing Department

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter. Eight Reasons to Hire a Journalist in Your Marketing DepartmentHere are examples of a journalist’s CV, listing the various daily duties and (in red) how those skills can benefit your content marketing. Yahoo list says … [Read more...]

Dog Tweets of the Week–How To Cultivate a Relationship on Google Plus

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter. 5 ways to use PhotoFuniaThe free, fun little tool for inserting a photo of your face, or a short text message, into photos at has a variety of uses for Publicity Hounds. Use these in place of boring stock … [Read more...]

How to promote a Hangout, webinar, podcast after you’re the guest

HOA Mike Allton and Denise Wakeman

If you're an expert in your topic, you've probably been invited onto at least one program as the guest expert.  Afterward, you thank the host, send out a few tweets linking to the replay, and then get back to work. That's what I usually do. There's a much better way. Mike Allton, a social media manager in St. Louis, was a guest yesterday on … [Read more...]

5 top things to consider before you write and self-publish a book and why publicists should care

1. Why are you writing a book/ebook?  If you are an expert in a field, are you writing a book to promote that expertise? If so, your reasons for writing may be different than for a person who wants to “make money” from book publishing. To promote your expertise you will probably want the widest exposure possible, and this may mean giving away as … [Read more...]

17 gems, jewels about print, ebook publishing


If you want a crash course on book publishing, set aside some time this weekend to watch the replays of four free webinars that will teach you way more than what most authors know about book marketing, distribution, publicity, sales and many other topics related to publishing. I'm one of the Chicks at Sea, five publishing experts who will be … [Read more...]

How to get a corporate sponsor, even in a rotten economy


What author, speaker or expert wouldn't love to be sponsored by a big-name corporation? The company promotes you to spread a message about a topic you're already passionate about in return for mentioning the company onstage, or at a book signing, at your blog, and in videos. They even pay for your airfare, hotel and other travel expenses. But … [Read more...]

Publishing predators stalk authors: How to spot them

wolf in sheep's clothing with authors beware

  If you want to publish a book, there's a Publishing Predator around the next corner. They call themselves publishers, but they're anything but. They're better known as the "vanity press" and the fist sign that they're about to fleece you is when they tell you that YOU have to pay THEM to publish your book. But that's just the … [Read more...]