Use a short, numbered list to draw attention to a tweet

Here’s a clever way to draw people’s attention to a tweet, particularly if they’re on a platform like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, importing several streams, and seeing dozens of tweets on their screen.

Create a very short list and give each item its own line, like this tweet from @jarredbkeller which immediately caught my attention because of all that white space:




He used only 121 of the 140 characters Twitter allows, leaving room for retweets.

Speaking of Google+, I posted a a link this morning to a Google+ Cheat Sheet that explains the three ways to format your text: boldface, italics and strikethrough.

If you aren’t formatting your Google+ posts, start! Short on time? Format the most important ones that you want to stand out. Adding headlines in bold type really draws readers’ eyes, helps scanners, and pulls more people into your post:


Wanted: Google Plus Cheat Sheet 

Do you format social media posts any other way? If so, share in the Comment section.

Make a video of your Twitter account with this free tool

If you’re on Twitter, you can now make a video of less than a minute that will give people a quick summary of the types of information you share, who follows you, and when you tweet.

It’s Vizify, and before you use it, I recommend you watch this short video I created that explains how to use it:


That video was my first effort. I tried it again and came up with a much better video that more accurately describes the types of content I tweet. And I was able to hand-pick typical tweets and choose better music instead of the annoying clip I chose at random in the first version.

11 Ways to Share Your Video

When you’re done editing, Vizify creates a link for you, and then lets you share it across your social media channels.

Sharing buttons on Vizify






I didn’t use that feature, however, because I’d rather customize the message. 

Here are 10 ideas on what to do with your video after you’ve created it:

  1. Include the link in your email signature.
  2. Vizify has an auto-mention function you can use when you’re done editing your video. It will let you share it with your three biggest Twitter fans, the ones who engage the most with you. Visify tells who who they are.
  3. Share it on your Facebook profile or fan page, a great way to get more Twitter followers.
  4. Include the link in your LinkedIn profile, on your LinkedIn company page, and share it within LinkedIn groups.
  5. When accepting a LinkedIn invitation. Reply to the invitation, share your link and suggest they also follow you on Twitter. 
  6. Pin the video to one of your Pinterest boards.
  7. I didn’t do this, but you can create different videos for different uses. A professional speaker who’s also an author can create a video that features photos, Vine videos and tweets related to her speaking. She can create a second video that pulls content related to her books.
  8. Share it on Google+.
  9. Blog about it, like I’m doing here.
  10. Include it in your online pressroom.
  11. Include the link in your video descriptions on YouTube so that people who like your videos know where to find you on Twitter.

OK, Hounds, what have I missed? How else could you use this? If you create your own Vizify video, share the link below in the Comments section so we can watch it. 

Also see “Free Cheat Sheet: 15 Ways to Pull More YouTube Traffic”

Dog Tweets of the Week–7 overlooked self-promotion opportunities for your company

twitter birdHere are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter.

7 overlooked self-promotion opportunities for your company. [I love #3]
Here are just a few methods which are commonly overlooked, but can bring a lot more exposure to your company.

How to use Topsy to find your first tweet.
Today, social analytics platform Topsy has unveiled a huge upgrade, adding Twitter’s entire history of 425 billion public tweets to its archives.

5 places to find free images for your blog.
Here is a list of different places to get free use images that you can use for your website, blog or anywhere else without paying a dime.

10 tools or apps that help PR pros deliver amazing pitches to potential clients.
Often winning the most lucrative B2B tech PR clients requires entering a competitive pitch. These need meticulous preparation and a confident, slick team to deliver a presentation that knocks the prospect’s socks off. Here are our top 10 tools and apps (most of them free or dirt cheap) that will make crafting a killer pitch that little bit easier.

Have a great story to pitch? Here are 7 places to find freelance writers
When you’re planning a publicity campaign, don’t overlook freelance writers, a powerful resource that can help you spread the word about your product, service, cause or issue. Freelancers often use the same valuable sources (like you) over and over again, as they write for different newspapers, magazines and online news sites.

3 free tools to create an embed code for infographics.
After all of the hard work of creating an informative, and eye-catching infographic for your business, you will want to make sure that it is viewed and shared by as many people as possible. Thankfully there are several resources available, which help you to create what is called an‘embed code,’ or HTML code for your infographic.

How to Be Active on LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s entire pool of members is too vast for you to totally engage in, of course, but you do want to become a reliable authority in your particular business niche. You want to become someone everyone automatically thinks of as a leader, when they think of your area of marketing or business.

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List Quickly
Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business, because leads lead to customers. The great news is, Facebook is an excellent tool for growing your email list quickly.

Social media vs. having a life: 3 ways to strike a balance
No one wants an experience like that of Cesar Kuriyama (a TED speaker now documenting one second each day of his life) who failed to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime sunset because he was too busy trying to get a good picture of it for Facebook. Is there a way to maintain the social media presence we all need to succeed and stay connected, without missing out on those moments?

25 tips to promote your blog via Facebook and Twitter
Without getting the word out about your blog, your content will never maximize its reach. To this end, leverage Facebook and Twitter to support your promotional blog activities.The logic behind Facebook and Twitter blog promotion is to take advantage of their broad, global reach. Therefore understand Facebook and Twitter participant behavior.

Dog Tweets of the Week–8 Steps to Higher Facebook Graph Search Rankings

 Here aretwitter bird my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter.

8 steps to higher Facebook graph search rankings.
Avid users of Facebook are getting more and more familiar with Facebook Graph Search that is being rolled out. As with normal SEO, taking the time to ensure your page shows up within relevant results of Facebook Graph Search is more than worth the time.

Experimenting With the Facebook Embed Post Option.
If you haven’t already noticed, Facebook posts now have an “embed post” option. Now here are a few things that are really cool about this.

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List Quickly
Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business, because leads lead to customers. The great news is, Facebook is an excellent tool for growing your email list quickly.

19 experts (including me) explain how to market a small business. Ideas galore here!
We all know there is tons of free information out there that educates us on marketing. I even created a guide on 31 tips on how to market your business which gives you a front row seat on some quick marketing steps you can take to get your brand out there.

Google Images: How to Add Great Images to Business Blogs
Here are some guidelines for adding great images and infographics to your business blog, to attract readers and get their attention.

A simple way to get reminders the minute things happen to your clients.
Google Alerts is an easy way to create an automated search of content posted on public websites and online publications including blogs, social sites and news resources. The “alerts” are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on searches that you create.

JustDeleteMe helps you delete your account from 100+ web services.
Launched only a week ago, the site gained overnight popularity after a Minimal Mac mention, and is currently visited by hundreds, if not thousands, of users per hour.

10 Steps To Writing a Great Thank You Note
As with anything you do in business, plan out what you want to say, and make sure there aren’t any errors.  A little thank you can go a long way.

Facebook friends could lower your credit score & your chances of getting a loan.
Choose your Facebook friends wisely; they could help you get approved — or rejected — for a loan. A handful of tech startups are using social data to determine the risk of lending to people who have a difficult time accessing credit. Traditional lenders rely heavily on credit scores like FICO, which look at payments history. They typically steer clear of the millions of people who don’t have credit scores.

Win a $50 Amazon gift card from blogger LynnTerry, whose ClickNewz blog is 9 years old.
Important: The $50 winner will be announced via email, and they’ll have 48 hours to respond and claim the prize.

Dog Tweets of the Week–Shocking Social Media Statistics For 2013

Here aretwitter bird my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter.

Shocking Social Media Statistics For 2013
Social media growth has been non-stop for the past few years and is almost at the point where it is impossible to imagine the Internet without it. Here are the  latest and most impressive social media statistics for 2013, compiled into one easy-to-read graphic and article.

How to become an authority with your blog
Do you know that there are well over a billion blogs on the web today? Back in the 1990’s until early the early 2000’s, blogging was nothing more than an online diary.

25 tips to promote your blog via Facebook and Twitter
Promoting your blog is the most important of the five Ps of blogging. Without getting the word out about your blog, your content will never maximize its reach.

5 tips for pitching your startup to Fast Company magazine. [I love tip #4]
At a recent talk at the Stanford GSB, Fast Company  Tech Editor Chris Dannen shared tips on how to get press for your startup.

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List Quickly
Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business, because leads lead to customers. The great news is, Facebook is an excellent tool for growing your email list quickly.

The 14 most powerful words in marketing & publicity
Every time I send an email to the thousands of people on my list, or write an ezine article or marketing copy or a blog post, I refer to the tattered printout on my wall that lists the 14 Most Powerful, Effective Words in Marketing.

6 fast, easy ways to find book reviewers and book editors on LinkedIn
One of the biggest changes in the world of promotion is the ease with which you can contact journalists, bloggers or writers on social media sites and see a quick response. The world’s largest business networking site has a variety of free tools that can help you find reviewers FAST, even in the narrowest genres.

5 Pinterest Analytics Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
There are a wide variety of Pinterest analytics tools out there, each designed to cover a specific or multiple metrics. The key is to decide what metrics you need to be measuring and find the tool that best works for your brand.

12 content research tools that will make creating content a lot easier
From keyword tools and question-and-answer sites to open discussion forums and backlink analyzers, there are tools designed to help you with every step of your content marketing research.

7 reasons your new blog visitors bounce, and how to stop them.
I always giggle a little when someone mentions “bounce rate.” It reminds me of happy things like bounce houses or Tigger or the bouncing ball over the song lyrics. Your “bounce rate” isn’t necessarily something to giggle about. In fact, it’s pretty serious business. If yours is hovering in the 60 percent range or higher, here are 7 reasons your new visitors might be bouncing, and how you can make them stop.

Dog Tweets – Twitter Self-Service Ads 101

Here aretwitter bird my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

Twitter Self-service Ads 101.
After spending a year in limited release, Twitter has finally opened its self-service advertising program to the public.

The ultimate guide to finding and using images online.
Images are a great way to enhance a website and compliment the awesome content that you’re already publishing on it.

600 journalists surveyed on how they use Online Newsrooms.
Each year the TEKGROUP Online Newsrom Survey Reports highlights the expectations that journalists have for organizations and and their online newsrooms. This year was no different, however, two key ares saw dramatic increases, socail and mobile. Download you free report now.

8 link-building no-no’s from Website Magazine.
While getting links is an essential task for website owners, they should also make sure that they’re doing it the right way. Otherwise, their brand can be seriously (and in drastic cases, even irreparably) damaged.

How to go the extra mile when answering a HARO query and increase chances you’ll be quoted.
What a difference it makes when authors, publishers and even some publicists go the extra mile. Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about: Just yesterday, I saw a journalist’s query on HARO. (HARO is a FREE service where journalists daily post their need for experts on a wide variety of experts.

7 tips on how to write sticky, memorable blog posts.
These 7 simple tips will help you write sticky, memorable blog posts. The kind of posts that make your reader say, “Hey! I gotta read this!”

Travel tips: How to work and relax while you fly.
Check out this handy graphic on travel essentials, tips for improving in-flight work efficiency habits and perhaps the hardest part of it all: Learning how to let go and just relax.

5 questions to ask PR job candidates. 
Hiring in the PR field seems to be picking up, as communications moves closer to the core of marketing strategy and both companies and agencies bring in new blood. And if the economy continues to improve, hiring in PR is likely to accelerate.With that in mind, here are five questions for PR managers that may help them determine the best job candidates

Scribd: Not Just Another Document Sharing Site is the most popular document sharing site available, with over 50,000 uploads each day. Yes, that number is correct. This is key for those of us that use content marketing online to get found, get known and get clients.

12 blog posts that will help you improve your customer testimonials.
These 12 posts will cover all your burning questions on customer testimonials and then some. Enjoy!

Dog Tweets — 30 PR experts you should follow on Twitter

twitter bird

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

30 PR experts you should follow on Twitter.
If you’re like me, you like to follow people on Twitter who provide valuable information you can use and learn from. Because this is a PR blog, I thought I’d share what I believe to be the 30 PR experts you should follow on Twitter.

BlogTalkRadio: A huge rip-off or a handy resource? Weigh in with your opinion.
Dave Jackson has step-by-step tutorials that walk you through the entire podcast process. So he isn’t just a podcaster with an opinion. He knows his topic well.

6 tips to discourage Google from classifying your press releases as spam.
As Google continues penalizing websites using manipulative tactics to artificially boost their search rankings, PR pros should be jumping for joy. After all, the whole point of the year-old Penguin algorithm update is to reward websites that are producing valuable content on a regular basis by making them easier to find.

Fake Twitter followers become multimillion-dollar business.
Far from slowing, the market for fake Twitter followers seems to be taking off. Despite efforts by Twitter to check for fake accounts, the underground market is becoming more sophisticated.

Make your blog readers really love you. Promote them! Love these 5 tips from Adrienne Smith.
Blogging is about building communities.It’s about creating enough valuable content so that your readers will want to keep coming back time and time again.It’s about keeping them on your blog long enough so that they’ll want to read post after post because you always give away the goods.

6 places video creators can find royalty-free music.
A great soundtrack can take your video project to the next level. Finding inspiration is easy; the hard part is finding music that’s affordable and doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

7 places to stay off the sauce if reporters are present.
Journalists and booze don’t mix. Just look at what happened to Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was dumb enough to let an investigative freelancer for Rolling Stone into his inner circle and conduct a tape-recorded interview—over drinks.

5 reasons to say yes if a journalist asks you for an email interview.
As more newspapers and magazines cut staff, don’t be surprised if a journalist who you pitch—or one who finds you online—emails you and asks: “I’m writing an article for The Daily Tattler, and I’m pressed for time…

The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, 2013.
The list had some surprising names, some omissions and the heroes of social media.

Step-by-step tips on how to add an opt-in box to your LinkedIn Company Page and profile.
Thank you Wayne Breitbarth for these handy tips on how to get more subscribers.

Dog Tweets–How to customize your Facebook page, for free

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

Facebook finally will give us the ability to reply to Comments. What took so long?
Facebook is preparing to roll out a new feature on Pages and popular Profiles that will help increase interactions with fans and readers.

How to write interesting copy for a boring topic.
If you’re lamenting how “boring” the niche you’re writing in is, take heart … you can make it interesting to the right audience.

Are You Over-Optimizing Your Anchor Text? 5 Strategies to Natural Link Profiles.
Create a Natural Link Profile. Old SEO paradigms used to say if you linked to a page about hedge trimmers, then you should use a number of content-oriented sources that link back to the page via the anchor text “hedge trimmers.”

How to leverage Twitter’s Vine app for B2B content marketing. [Great PR ideas.]
Users can record motion and sound clips from their iOS phones and upload the newly created video via the app to share on Twitter or the Vine environment itself. Each video can be tagged with keywords and hashtags, and users can like and comment your post, similar to other video-sharing sites.

Washington Post looks for a blogger for Style section to write 12 times a day. Any takers?
The Washington Post’s arts and living section, Style, is looking for a blogger, an internal announcement reads. Whoever lands this position may want to invest in a serious coffee machine!

How to customize your Facebook page, for free.
Give Facebook a near-complete makeover by using the free Social Fixer add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers not named Internet Explorer. Read this article by Dennis O’Reilly on CNET.

Need radio publicity? More tips to make hosts love you.
When you’re a guest on a radio show, take charge of your own media. Find a way to record the segment, whether it’s with video or just audio. Producers are busy and sometimes don’t have the time to send you audio on request.

Health Care PR & Marketers: Ragan accepting entries for awards competition. 21 categories.
Want to tell us how great your hospital or health care agency’s PR and marcoms are? Of course you do. And we want to give you the recognition you deserve! It’s time for Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards. These awards celebrate advancements in health care marketing and your imagination and innovation as a communicator.

QR codes are history! Paper has gone digital.
As Springspotter reports, the Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun has launched the AR News app, which enables kids to scan articles with their smartphones and reveal more kid-friendly versions of current affairs.

4 ways to use press releases for publicity.
One of the most confusing parts of a small business owner’s marketing plan is the press release. While virtually all entrepreneurs understand that marketing and publicity are essential to business success, how and when to write a press release is baffling.

Dog Tweets–25 Twitter accounts to help you get published

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

25 Twitter accounts to help you get published.

How to add a shopping cart discount code to Facebook.

How to invite your friends to your Pinterest board.

Pitching a producer or editor? Explain why your story matters to their audience.

5 ways to use Pinterest to promote your cause or fundraiser.

Great post-election topic to pitch or write about: How to lose gracefully.

12 Ways To Maximize Your Facebook Holiday Marketing.

Funny blog posting about some of the travails of an ecommerce utility.

Refrain from using all CAPS in professional communications – it comes across as SHOUTING. (sorry!)

Blog Writing: 5 Tips to Break a Blogging Rut.


Dog Tweets—The 5 funniest Twitter accounts

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

Why social media is unprofitable for extroverts 

Weekly magazines don’t work well in the marketplace anymore. How long before they die?

Do-it-yourself publicity seekers: You must know the difference between a press release & a press kit.

Sponsoring a contest on your Facebook page? Important list of DOs and DONT’s.

How to make yourself look guilty when a reporter calls you at home and the news is bad. 

Research shows on National Public Radio BEFORE you pitch. Easy 1-2-3 process at 

5 tips content marketers should take from journalists. 

The 5 funniest Twitter accounts.

10 websites to find free images for your blog. 

The Klout Phenomenon and how your score is calculated.