13 ways to use your author resource box mini-bio

I collect author resource boxes, those mini-bios that usually appear at the end of articles and blog posts. And perhaps because I’m a writing coach, I love dissecting how the writers make themselves sound fascinating and worth a second look.

You can find nine of my favorites in the article I wrote for The Future of Ink blog on 9 ways to make your author bio box sizzle.

My favorite is Pia Mara Finkell’s fun Twitter bio. In only 24 words, she tells you more about what she does professionally and for fun than what you’ll find buried in entire paragraphs of other people’s bios:


Pia Mara Finkell's Twitter bio


After you’ve used my tips and jazzed up your own mini-bio so it sizzles, think about all the other ways you can make it work for you. With a little tweaking here and there, your mini bio can be used: 

1. In your email signature.

2. On your business card and other marketing materials.

3. For the “About Me” page at your blog.

4. At the end of guest posts you write for other blogs.

5. As part of your speaker introduction.

6. At the end of articles you write.

7. On your social media profiles. These include sites like Goodreads and other book review and recommendation sites where authors and book lovers have profiles. 

8. In the message you send to people when sending a LinkedIn invitation to connect.

9.  When introducing yourself in a LinkedIn group.

10. When introducing yourself in a Google+ community.

11.  In your Facebook cover image on your profile or page. Your friends and followers might also like to see your profile within a status update.

12. Incorporate it into the video for your YouTube trailer.

13. As the short bio in your Author Media Kit

I know there are more. What have I missed?

If you have an interesting author resource box, include the link in the Comments section. We’d love to see it.