Speaking & Training

My content-rich programs, customized for your industry, will give your audience members the enthusiasm to self-promote, the tools to save time and money doing it, and the self-confidence to meet journalists, broadcasters and bloggers, and connect with their target audiences via social media.

Meeting planners love me because I’m easy to work with and I help promote my programs. Audiences love me because we ALWAYS have fun. Just ask anybody who’s tried on my big foam Cheesehead that I frequently bring as a door prize.

Choose from These Programs:

Savvy Media Relations: The New Rules for Proftable Self-promotion

You can’t find Newsweek on the newsstand anymore. Newspapers readers consist mostly of old folks. TV audiences are more fragmented than ever. And whatever happened to Oprah? Today, you need an additional set of tips, tricks, tools and strategies if you want online visibility and free publicity to promote your expertise and be the go-to source in your niche for the media and consumers. Learn how to dovetail traditional and online media, using a wide variety of free and inexpensive resources.


YOU Are the Media: How to Use Web Tools to Publish, Broadcast and Tell Your Own Story

Gone are the days when you have to rely only on traditional media to give you publicity.  Smart self-promoters create their own media empires—from their own YouTube channels to their own digital newspapers— to tell their stories to the world, in their own words.  Learn how to reach consumers directly, and make it easy for them to find you.


“Hey Boss, Chris Wallace is on Line 2”: Survival Skills for Meeting the Media

Lawsuits. Employee theft. Labor problems. Accidents. When bad news suddenly makes YOU the news and there’s someone from FOX News in the lobby, that’s no time to wing it. Video of your disaster might already be on YouTube. And Twitter might be buzzing with speculation and rumors that can hurt you. Let Joan Stewart prepare you for the worst, so you’re in front of the story confidently, putting your best foot forward and not in your mouth.


How to Make Your Website Go “Ka-ching, Ka-ching!”

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick solution, this isn’t for you.  But if you want to make sure that your website pulls traffic, and that visitors end up in your marketing funnel, don’t miss this one.  Publicity expert Joan Stewart will show you how to make your website ready for prime-time and dazzle journalists, consumers and other visitors by promoting your expertise and offering valuable information, for free, so people buy from you later.  She has been selling more than 150 products and services from her website for almost two decades.  This session is ideal for small business owners who have their own websites as well as for people just launching a business.


I’m Fanatic About Customer Service

Here’s what you can expect if you hire me: my Pledge to Meeting Planners. Call me at 262-284-7451 and tell me what you need. If I can’t provide it, I will refer you to another speaker or trainer who can. Promise.