“Hey, Boss: Chris Wallace is on Line 2”

Lawsuits. Employee theft. Labor problems. Accidents.

When bad news suddenly makes YOU the news and there’s someone from FOX News in the lobby, that’s no time to wing it. Video of your disaster might already be on YouTube. And Twitter might be buzzing with speculation and rumors that can hurt you.   

Publicity expert Joan Stewart will prepare you for the worst, so you’re in front of the story confidently and not just reacting to it haphazardly. She’s a former newspaper reporter and editor, and she’ll help you level the playing field when you’re face to face with the media. This workshop is perfect for small business owners, nonprofits, media spokespersons, corporate PR departments, publicists and public relations executives. 

You will learn:

  • How to build your own media channels online, for free, right now so you can communicate with the world, on your own terms, during a crisis
  • The Ten Commandments to follow during a crisis
  • How the media game is played, and the rules they use but won’t share with you.
  • Things you can negotiate before you agree to be interviewed so you don’t give away your rights. 
  • Why you can’t treat bloggers like journalists, and vice-versa. 
  • How to bombproof an interview so there are few surprises. 
  • How to improve accuracy in reporting.
  • How to use your own blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate with the world and enlist your employees’ help.
  • What to do when the story is wrong.
  • When to rely on a press conference, a staged event the media usually hate.
  • Why your lawyer’s advice during a crisis will be wrong 99 percent of the time. 
  • How to push bad news off the first page of Google months later.
  • Topics you need to address in a crisis communications plan.

Joan will customize a program for your company and industry, including an interactive exercise that will put the audience to work, handling a fictional crisis.