Savvy Media Relations: The New Rules of Profitable Self-promotion

You can’t find Newsweek on the newsstand anymore.  Newspapers readers consist mostly of old folks.  TV audiences are more fragmented than ever.  And whatever happened to Oprah?

 Today, you need an additional set of tips, tricks, tools and strategies if you want online visibility and free publicity to promote your expertise and be the go-to source in your niche for the media and consumers.  Learn how to dovetail traditional and online media, using a wide variety of free and inexpensive resources.

You will learn:

  • How the lines between old and new media have blurred, and what this means for Publicity Hounds
  • How to become a sought-after expert in your topic and promote your expertise.
  • The most important social media site for every speaker and author
  • Clever ways to find your target audience online and build valuable relationships with them 
  • The plethora of online book review and book recommendation sites where authors are promoting their books and building audiences of raving fans
  • Super-fast and super-easy ideas for blog posts. (Everyone who attends will receive three quick and dirty blog post templates Joan created)
  • How to use sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with–and pitch–traditional journalists (they’re trolling these sites for sources!)
  • Why content is king, and how to slice and dice one article into multiple formats so you aren’t always starting from scratch
  • Why press releases aren’t dead yet—and the right ways and wrong ways to use them

This is an interactive session that leaves plenty of time for audience participation.