YOU Are the Media: How to Use Web Tools to Publish, Broadcast and Tell Your Story

Gone are the days when you have to rely only on traditional media  to give you publicity. Smart self-promoters create their own media empires—from their own YouTube channel to their own digital newspaper— to tell their stories to the world, in their own words. Learn how to reach consumers directly, and make it easy for them to find you

You will learn:

  • How you can create an online platform that makes you look so much larger than you really are
  • Why Google+ is no longer optional, and why it must be a part of your marketing plan and your media empire
  • How to create your own TV channel on YouTube and dominate your niche
  • How to create your own radio show through podcasts that generate leads and keep your fans coming back for more
  • Best practices for blogging, and shortcuts Joan uses to make the job a lot easier
  • The right way to use social media sites so you build trust first and sell later.
  • 5 valuable opportunities most people are missing on LinkedIn
  • How to slice and dice one piece of content several different ways so you aren’t always starting from scratch
  • Why a blog used in tandem with an electronic newsletter creates a powerful “pull-push” effect that builds loyal audiences
  • Why you don’t have to do this all, and how to know which media are right for you
  • Free and inexpensive web tools that are easy to use—even for non-techies
  • Where to find help with technology that’s way over your head