How to promote a Hangout, webinar, podcast after you’re the guest

If you’re an expert in your topic, you’ve probably been invited onto at least one program as the guest expert. 

Afterward, you thank the host, send out a few tweets linking to the replay, and then get back to work. That’s what I usually do.

There’s a much better way.

Mike Allton, a social media manager in St. Louis, was a guest yesterday on Denise Wakeman’s Adventures in Visibility Hangout on Air (HOA). He shared advanced techniques on how to get the most of out Hootsuite, a dashboard that lets you manage multiple social media accounts. I watched the show but was easily distracted and wasn’t able to take notes like I should have.

Today, I found a fabulous summary of the show at Mike’s blog under the headline Hootsuite Tips and Tricks with Mike Allton [HOA Video]. I want to follow Mike’s lead and use his blog post as sort of a template for when I appear on someone else’s webinar, podcast, Hangout, or even a radio show.

Here are the seven elements:

1. A short, two-paragraph introduction.

2. A list of questions asked on the show. I love this! It creates interest an summarizes the sub-topics discussed.

3. The YouTube video offering the replay, embedded in the blog.


4. A fun photo, perfect for sharing on social media. 

5. A large pop-quote from Mike.

6. A list of resources on HootSuite.

7. A call-to-action paragraph letting the reader know they can hire Mike.

And notice the share buttons above and below the post.

Beautiful! And very smart.

Is this something you’d use after you appear as a guest on a show?