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The task that makes authors feel dishonest, deceitful and downright dirty

A woman asking "You want me to do WHAT with my new book?"Why can authors muster so much passion for topics they want to write about, but gag when they discover that they—and they alone—must be the Marketer-in-Chief for their own books?

“I don’t want to create an email list of readers because I don’t want to be constantly bothering them,” an author told me.

“I don’t want to do public speaking because I don’t like to be around a lot of people,” another one said.

“If I write a good book, it will sell itself,  said a naive writer.

When I was a guest on “The Successful Author Podcast” recently, hosted by Julie Anne Eason, we discussed do-it-yourself publicity for authors, and why so many authors are not only reluctant to market their books, but view the task with disdain.

I’ve heard many say high-pressure sales tactics make them feel sleazy. The problem, I suspect, is that they see so many other authors hawking their books ’round the clock on social media without offering relevant content from the book or topics that tie into it. 

We spent the majority of the program discussing how nonfiction and fiction authors can gain expertise in their topics and promote it instead of pitching their books.

What Makes an Author an Expert

Expertise is not only about what you know, I explained. It’s about what you do.

Author experts do things like teach classes, have coaching programs, publish blogs and newsletters, moderate LinkedIn groups, have copyrights and trademarks, and spin off products from their books. All of those activities tie into book marketing. 

The recording is being transcribed right now by someone I found at Fiverr.com,  the worldwide marketplace I recommended last week as a helpful place to buy and sell services. I’ll slice and dice the entire transcript and feature it here. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the interview. Get ready to take lots of notes.

You can listen to it on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio.  

Or listen t0 the 32 minutes of solid content below.  If you have questions, ask them in the Comments and I’ll answer them.  


Dog Tweets of the Week–How To Cultivate a Relationship on Google Plus

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5 ways to use PhotoFunia
The free, fun little tool for inserting a photo of your face, or a short text message, into photos at PhotoFunia.com has a variety of uses for Publicity Hounds. Use these in place of boring stock photos in your blog posts.

How to Prepare for Author Interviews 
You’ve published your book, created publicity buzz, sent out your press release…now what? Are you prepared for what you’ll say when the phone rings and a reporter or editor asks for an interview? As an author, the reality is that whether you contact the media or not, if you’re spending time marketing your work, there’s a good chance someone from the media will call you at some point.

Control the Interview? Dream on!
There are many PR agencies, consultants and media trainers that still advertise that they can teach spokespeople to control an interview. When someone says that to me, I have three words: Have a seat. I’ll be the journalist. You be the spokesperson. At the end of four or five minutes, you tell me how in control you actually felt.

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Here aretwitter bird my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow The Publicity Hound on Twitter.

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Why recommendations are still important on LinkedIn.
This is not the standard discussion of LinkedIn recommendations–how important they are and how you should strive to get a couple for each job entry on your profile.

5 ways to use curated lists of blogs in your niche.
Figure out how you can use that information to make more contacts, become smarter, and get more publicity.

Facebook turns on secure browsing by default
Facebook turned on a key security feature by default on Wednesday that scrambles data sent by users to the company’s servers, following similar moves in recent years by Web services such as Google and Twitter.

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When bizarre tweets started emanating from Chipotle’s Twitter handle Tuesday — like, “twitter Find avocado store in Arv” — the public thought that it had been hacked. This theory gained traction after Chipotle later tweeted “Sorry all. We had a little problem with our account. But everything is back on track now! – Joe.”

The best replacement for Google Reader.
Where to turn in a post-Google Reader world? HootSuite may hold the answer.

5 ways to use curated lists of blogs in your niche

Inkybee best PR blogs

When you find a list of the top experts in your niche, even if you aren’t included on it, don’t just give it a passing glance and move on.

Figure out how you can use that information to make more contacts, become smarter, and get more publicity.

This blog was just named to the list of 60 of the Best Publicity Relations blogs in the world by Inkybee. The membership site helps you create lists of bloggers in any niche, determine how influential they are, track your relationships with them, and measure the success of your blogger outreach campaigns. I love the service, and you can register for Inkybee’s free 30-day free trial.

Here’s how I’m going to use that valuable list:

1. Follow these PR experts on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll add these bloggers to the Twitter list I’ve already created for publicity experts. I’ve imported the feed for this list into Hootsuite, the dashboard I use to monitor my social media activity. Some of my best tweets come from these people.

2. Connect with them on Google+.

Using this list will be a quick way to populate my circles for PR people, publicity pros and bloggers.

3. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

I’ll invite them to connect, and I’ll also check out what groups they’re in and determine if I should join those groups, too.

4. Pitch guest blog posts on publicity topics.

While I’d build more traction guest blogging for audiences that don’t already know about me, writing for audiences that already do can’t hurt.

5. Invite them to be a contributor to this blog.

 I’ll be starting a program soon and recruiting regular contributors (different from one-time guest bloggers). The Inkybee list is a great starting point! 

 How else do you used these curated lists?

UPDATE: I had forgotten that Cision compiled a list last month of  the Top 50 Public Relations blogs. This blog is 25 on that list.