Where to Find Millions of Readers Online to Review, Recommend and Buy Your Books


Your Presenter: Joan Stewart, aka, The Publicity Hound

Format: This is a video replay of a webinar presented on March 29, 2012.  You download the video, complete with handouts and PowerPoint slides, and watch it when it’s most convenient.

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Smart authors don’t waste time fretting over shrunken book review sections in newspapers and magazines. Instead, they penetrate sites like Goodreads.com, the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. That’s where more than 7.3 million members are creating virtual bookshelves and reviewing and recommending books, and buying books based on their friends’ reviews. Goodreads is just one of dozens of book review sites, forums, online book clubs and web-based book discussion groups where successful authors can reach eager audiences.

In this 90-minute webinar, Joan Stewart explains which sites are right for you, and how to find a network of nearly 2,000 book bloggers and book reviewers.

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Who this is for:

  • Anyone who has written a book or is thinking of writing one

  • Book publishers

  • Publicists and PR pros

  • Virtual assistants who help their author clients with publicity

  • Support staff at publishing companies

You will learn:

  • Why the big book review sites can be far more powerful than a review in a big newspaper
  • The major sites, what they offer and how you can participate
  • Sites that serve books in certain genres
  • Which sites welcome poetry and small press
  • The etiquette of using these sites
  • The many ways you use these sites long before your book is published, and afterward
  • Tips for using Amazon.com as an author and an author/reviewer
  • The best feature on Amazon to use to find reviewers for your book
  • How to use the social media sites to find book groups and clubs
  • Where to find a huge directory of freelance journalists, some of whom review books
  • The best places on the Web to locate reading group guides for a wide variety of novels and works of nonfiction.      
  • How to get your book in front of librarians who review books
  • The best sites for school librarians who review books
  • Where to find bloggers who review books for the Wall Street Journal…talk about a great publicity hit!
  • The best place to discover and share stories, from mystery and suspense to romance and sci-fi


You get:

  1. A handy bonus directory of all the sites I mentioned, by category. This will save you hours of time later so you don’t have to hunt for what you’re looking for. 
  2. A link to the MP4 video recording so you can download it and watch it at your leisure if you can’t attend live.
  3. The PDF of the Power Power slides I used during the webinar–great for scanning or to do a quick review of what you’ve learned without having to review the entire video.
  4. The MP3 so you can listen on your iPod
  5. A bonus selection of the best forums and listservs where authors and publishers can learn about writing and publishing.

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