How to Get on the Local TV News Tomorrow


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Shawne Duperon is a former TV news reporter who shares the inside secrets of how to identify great story ideas, pitch perfectly, and end up on the air.

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Rave Review–3 Media Hits in Two Days:



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You will learn: 

  • How to identify the all-knowing, all-powerful “Queen Bee” in every TV newsroom 
  • Who reports to whom and who decides what gets on the air 
  • How many people in the same newsroom should receive your identical story pitch—and why 
  •  The one month when you stand the best chance of getting onto TV  
  •  How to find the assignment editor’s hot button and hit a home run 
  •  The best way to communicate with TV news people who are busy, busy, busy  
  •  The one person in the newsroom who will welcome your pitch with open arms  
  •  The secret weapon you can use as a bribe to get their attention  
  •  The same secret weapon to use as a thank-you  
  •  How to sound “cool” by talking the language of the TV newsroom (you will learn  specific words and phrases that will make you sound cool)  
  •  The two best days of the week to piggyback your story idea onto national survey results  
  •  What to give assignment editors to get them to bite  
  •  How to use the TV news to sell more products and services without sounding like you’re asking for a free commercial  
  •  The best times to call the newsroom…when most people wouldn’t think to call   
  •  The worst times to call…call during this time and they’ll brand you as a pest   
  •  The most powerful way to follow up your pitch (phone, email, etc.) so they get back to you  
  •  How many times to call a specific reporter before you are viewed as a pest  
  •  The “formula” for the perfect story and how to let them know you understand it  
  •  How to piggyback off holidays and seasonal events…these are things the media   MUST cover  
  •  Hot themes that assignment editors love…pitch these and you’re as good as on the air

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