11 Fast, Free, Easy Ways to Research Journalists, Broadcasters and Bloggers BEFORE You Pitch


Your Presenter: Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

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The majority of people who pitch ideas to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers pitch blind. They know nothing about the likes or dislikes of who they’re contacting. Sometimes they don’t know the beats the reporter covers. They have no idea whether the radio talk show host features on-air guests. As amazing as this sounds, they sometimes don’t know if the editor is a man or a woman.

They never get publicity. And they can’t figure out why. But sometimes it’s even worse. The blogger who gets an off-topic pitch makes a mental note to NEVER ever read anything that person sends.

Smart Publicity Hounds ALWAYS research. They know their targeted media so well that their pitch makes it sounds as though they’ve known the journalist for years. I’ll review and demonstrate the top 11 ways best ways to research journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

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Who should attend:

  • Small business owners who need free publicity but can’t afford those expensive media contact directories
  • PR pros and publicists who represent clients in the narrowest of niches.
  • Anyone who wants to guest blog and wants to know the very best way to approach the blogger
  • Anyone who wants a blogger to cover their product, service or story.
  • Virtual assistants who do research for their clients
  • Authors who need to find book reviewers and bloggers who review books.

You will learn:

  • The fastest, easiest place to start your research so you find what you’re looking for within seconds.
  • The second best place to look–you’ll follow the rules they’ve created for pitching.
  • What to do when you find someone who’s perfect for your pitch.
  • Where to look for personal clues about the person’s pets, spouse and children–valuable nuggets you might want to weave into your pitch very carefully.
  • A free website where you can research journalists by beat, and know instantly what topics and issues they think are important.
  • Where to find hundreds of writers, editors and photographers, complete with contact information—yes, this is free.
  • 5 sources for finding thousands of leads from media who are looking for specific types of sources NOW
  • 4 ways to comment on a journalist’s or blogger’s work and show them you care about the content they produce
  • A fabulous way to learn whether the person you’re pitching is a tough interviewer or difficult to work with (most people never think to do this).
  • The correct way to connect with them on the social media sites, including a free how-to guide with step-by-step directions on how to connect with them on a popular site

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  • 6 ways you can suggest journalists stay in touch with you (so they contact you again!)
  • A cheat sheet that lists 11 things you can offer them periodically, regardless of whether they’ve covered you
  • A checklist of 7 pitching tips (keep this in front of you and refer to it every time you pitch)
  • The video replay so you can watch it at your convenience if you can’t attend live.
  • The MP3 audio recording.
  • The slides I used for the video—a wonderful way to refer to something in the video you missed without watching it again.

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