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Webinar–How to Get Your Product Featured in Holiday Gift Guides

Your Presenter: Joan Stewart

This is a video replay and materials from a live webinar on Oct. 6, 2016.


Holiday Gift Guides, which feature products that would make great gifts, aren’t only for Christmas. Print and broadcast media, bloggers, podcasters and websites offer gift guides throughout the year that might be perfect for your product, book or service. Learn how to find, pitch and get valuable publicity in these gift guides. The big bonus package includes 10 free leads from media looking  for holiday gifts through the end of the year.

Price: $49.95 (includes bonus package)

Who should attend:

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You Will Learn:

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You also get:

  1. 10 free “short leads” for print or broadcast media, websites or blogs that are looking for products NOW  through the end of the year. Media include the Today show, Bloomberg Businessweek, Good Morning America Weekend Edition, the Washington Post book section, the New York Post, Modern Mom Blog and Working Mother.  

  2. Three sample pitches for the same product, to three media outlets that serve different target audiences.  

  3. A sample pitch for a book.
  4. A sample follow-up pitch.

  5. The video replay of the webinar.  

  6. The slides to use as a refresher.

Click here to order the replay and bonus package.

Rave Reviews for Publicity Hound webinars

Your Programs are
Always So Comprehensive

“Joan (and Christine) – thanks for the great Facebook Webinar on Tuesday and the tremendously thorough handouts and materials sent tonight. Your programs are always so comprehensive, yet cost effective. They are always time well spent. Thank you – keep ’em coming!”

Mary Ann Miller
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I Finally Understand LinkedIn!

“I finally understand what LinkedIn is all about and how it can help me and my business. Jam-packed with information, it gave me the tools I need to get going.”

Joanne Cantor
Your Mind on Media
Monona, WI

Very Content-rich

“Thanks for a great presentation. Very content-rich. No wonder Tom Antion thinks you rock!”

Eileen Strong
Strong Incentives
Eatontown, NJ

The Handouts Were Top-notch

“This was absolutely one of the best teleseminars I’ve participated in. The handout is top-notch. Thanks for providing serious content: helpful websites from which to learn more and a great outline to get me started.”

Mary E. Fenelon, Principal
Building Associations Collaborative
Lafayette, CA

Your Webinar Opened
up Many Locked Doors for Me

“I have both Facebook personal and business pages. I’m amazed at how much information is disseminated through engaging with friends and colleagues on Facebook. As a ‘student’ of the new business page structure, Joan and Christine’s webinar opened up many locked doors for me. I now understand the why, where and subtle how-tos of what I call the FB’s Secret Savvy Tips. I feel empowered to implement the changes and additions for better social media.”

Susie Hale
Pres/CEO, eFrogPond, Inc
Houston, TX


You Told Me What I Needed to Know on Facebook

“Joan Stewart and Christine Buffaloe told me what I needed to know on Facebook, in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to figure it out on my own. And they did it in a non-techie, casual style that was easy to understand. I was able to immediately apply the information they shared. If you’re using Facebook as a promotion tool (and if you’re not, you should be), this webinar will get you up to speed quickly and easily.”

Jacquelyn Lynn
Business Writer / Ghostwriter
Winter Springs, FL