The Radio Publicity “Book Hook” Strategy Session with Wayne Kelly

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The Radio Publicity “Book Hook” Strategy Session is the fastest way to get you booked on Radio Shows all over the U.S. and Canada.

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The Radio Publicity “Book Hook” Strategy Session is the fastest way to get you booked on Radio Shows all over the U.S. and Canada. While advertisers are paying big bucks for air time, you’re appearing for free.

And with radio, you can reach more people in 5 minutes anywhere in the world, than any other form of media!

“As a morning show Radio Host, I believe every local author should contact their local media. When I meet authors and ask them why they didn’t contact the Wayne and Jayne show, they always say, “We didn’t know how…or that we could.”

Take the guesswork out of getting free publicity on radio shows. Here’s what you get:

  1. 30-minute private phone call with Wayne to map out your strategy.
  2. A recording of your session so you can listen to it as many times as you wish.
  3. Two “book hooks” that you can use to pitch shows. Most talk show hosts never want to talk to an author. These hooks change everything.
  4. Wayne’s advice on which types of radio stations to contact in your town so you aren’t wasting time targeting stations that would never book you.
  5. Your own step-by-step plan on what do to create your own Successful Book Marketing Radio Tour. (No more guessing or missing pieces.)
  6. Wayne’s Radio Interview Cheat Sheet that tells you everything you need to know before doing an interview.
  7. Joan’s 90-minute video on “How to Use Social Media to Connect with With Journalists.”
  8. Joan’s handy checklist of “15 Ways to Publicize Your Radio Interview” — it will give you added publicity AFTER the show.  
  9. Joan’s checklist: “9 Places to Find Today’s Hot News, Trends, Media Leads & Story Ideas You Can Pitch.”   

    TOTAL Value: $339.95

Wayne & Joan are cutting the price to only $97 for this special offer.

After you order, Wayne will be in touch to schedule your strategy session.

You’ll get the link to Joan’s video, and her two checklists via email within 15 minutes after you order. If you don’t get it, contact her at or call her at 262-284-7451. 

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