Need immediate one-on-one help? Rent my brain

I can help you with almost any problem you’re having with publicity and self-promotion.

If you need immediate guidance, I offer consulting by phone or Skype. It’s an efficient way for you to get advice from a publicity expert, and solve your problem quickly with no long-term financial commitment.

“I now feel more confident, competent and creative.”

I spent a productive hour with Joan Stewart this week and she was true to her calling:  publicity consulting.  I emerged from that busy hour with purposed action plans for renovating my flagging website and Amazon marketing texts.  Also, I agreed to begin a new working action plan for public speaking, in target markets I had not considered seriously – baby boomers and seniors.  In recent years, I had all kinds of interface with seniors as a volunteer, but never with any inkling of what could be developed with them. Finally, I started working to make my new book – a collection of 60 humor stories – more appealing to online shoppers.  For me, it’s all been oxygen to my poor, fragmented brain.  I now feel more confident, competent and creative.

John Hurst

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How I Can Help You Solve a Publicity Problem

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people over the phone. Here’s an example of how I can help you:

–Prepare for an interview when a reporter calls unexpectedly. Because I worked in the media for more than two decades, I know exactly what reporters want, and how their questions can trip you up if you aren’t prepared.

–Prepare for an on-camera interview which requires very different skills than if you’re interviewing for print, and you want to be invited back.

–Target specific media and show you how to write customized pitches so journalists say “yes.”

–Follow up with media who never respond to pitches, so your idea doesn’t fall through the cracks. 

–Write compelling press releases and use them correctly to pull traffic and help help the media. (You do NOT use them to get major media coverage.)

–Jump-start a stalled book marketing campaign that takes new approaches to finding readers and selling books.

–Use social media sites efficiently to build an audience of raving fans.

–Launch and manage a successful year-long publicity campaign on a very tight budget.

–Use email marketing to build credibility and trust with your target market.

–Solve a knotty crisis communications problem so you put your best foot forward and not in your mouth. 

–Promote your business or nonprofit offline and inexpensively, through events like books signings, speaking engagements, in-store events store events and even product launches.

Find and capture your target market if you’re not quite sure where to look for them. 

“I had the content for my book written, edited and in page layout, but I hit the wall when it came to writing my introduction and author bio. It finally struck me that I liked writing for and about others a lot more than I liked writing for and about myself. I sent Joan an SOS. She arrived at our hour-long Rent My Brain session bursting with ideas. She was ready with research she’d done on my topic — grammar — and zeroed in on why English is such a difficult language and how to let potential readers know I feel their pain and have solutions. Joan added vitality and inclusiveness to my copy, and she opened my mind to considering additional markets for my book. Thank you, Joan, for your quality input and infections enthusiasm You really lifted my spirits!”

Kathleen Watson
Ruthless Editor and author of “Grammar for People Who Hate Rules

This is a short list. There are many more examples.  

How to Book Your Consulting Session 

Let’s keep this very simple. Purchase your one-hour consultation with me. When I get the order, I will send you a list of questions I need you to answer before we get started. You’ll also give me three times and dates when you are free for our consultation, at least 48 hours in advance. I will confirm the time and date that works best for me.

Pre-payment is required. If you cannot show up for your appointment, you can reschedule. I don’t issue refunds if I’ve already done my research, prepared for our call but you don’t show up.

So that I can deliver the greatest value possible, time I spend preparing is done on my clock, not yours. When we meet, you’re getting my advice for a solid hour.    

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If your problem is outside my area of expertise, or I’m unavailable when you need me, I will refer you to a trusted professional who can help you.

Remember, I’m just a phone call away!